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Watch cases that no one else has

You value a customized solution? Then let’s develop the watch case you want together. Exclusively for you. From the first sketch to the finished series.

Development with RM Lifestyle places no limits on your imagination: You decide on material, shape, dimensions, surface treatment, and more. Whatever you are looking for in your model.

We visualize a proposal, create prototypes and samples – and, after extensive coordination, ultimately take your product to serial production. Extensive competence and years of experience ensure high-quality results at the cutting edge, no matter how unusual or technically challenging your design is. Let’s talk about your project. At RM Lifestyle, you will find a motivated team with the highest qualifications waiting eagerly for your ideas.


RM Lifestyle designs your dream model, carefully plans every detail, develops it until it is ready for serial production, and then manufactures the desired number of your custom watch cases.

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