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Whether you are interested in customized surface design, special movement carriers, or a high-quality drive element, we would be happy to help you give your watch case that certain special something. Our experience as a manufacturer provides you the necessary vertical range of manufacture and qualifications to implement your desires at the highest technological and aesthetic level.

In the area of surface design, we decorate your bezels with a brushed sunburst design, circular-grain your bases, apply delicate fluting, or realize a personalized surface texture for your case with a wide variety of quartz mixtures.

In the area of movement carriers, we manufacture a wide selection of individual solutions for complex complications or vibration-compensating or shock-absorbing designs that will secure your movement safely in the case.

We also provide you with individually manufactured special drives that allow the implementation of additional display elements and perform their functions precisely and without play in the interior of your watch – perfect quality sealed with lifetime lubrication.

Do you have a special finish you would like to see on your watch case? We would be happy to help you.


In the area of surface designs, we leave nothing to be desired. Bezels with a brushed sunburst design, delicate fluting, circular-grained case components, and much more – RM Lifestyle gives you a partner that implements your personal wishes at the highest aesthetic level.


Would you like a customized movement carrier that can handle complex complications and has a vibration-compensating or shock-absorbing design? We manufacture a wide variety of movement carriers that fix your movement securely in the case. You can rely on our competence.


To implement additional display elements, we develop special solutions just for you – perfect quality, precise and without play, sealed with lifetime lubrication.

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